In Bloom – Spring Edition

After the wettest winter on record, Spring is has finally come!!!  Better late than never, right?  Here is an update with what’s currently in bloom in the BurkeyFarm landscape!

Azalea & Rhododendron





Columbine – Different Variations and Colors








Papaver or Poppy





Myosotis or Forget-Me-Not


Physocarpus or Ninebark


Amethyst in Snow or Centaurea



A few weeks ago, I did make a floral arrangement for our home with what was in bloom (not much!!!).  Both the white Rhododendron and Bergenia flowers have bloomed out since.



What is currently in bloom in your landscape?

Happy Gardening from us at BurkeyFarm!


2017 Garden Planning Done!

Sounds silly but after a much needed vacation, we couldn’t wait to get home and to get started on the garden planning for 2017!  Needless to say, we ended up planning our garden beds (with rotating the crops, of course!) for BurkeyFarm the day after getting back from Puerto Rico!  Not only did we get to plan the beds but we also purged out the old seeds and ordered new seeds for the garden.  And now we wait…


Heart Broken…

Yesterday, we had a BIG scare at BurkeyFarm.

After looking through the newest Food & Wine and Cooking Light magazine, I used the ladies room.  While I was using the restroom, Mike looked outside as it did seem quiet, wondering where Tux (our puppy) was.  Yes, things were too quiet for a reason and then I was interrupted by Mike to let me in on some terrible news.  He found Tux mounted on Ollie (my spirit creature 2.0) and found that she was missing her feathers and had a gaping area on most of her back with her flesh exposed and that things were not looking so great.  Of course, I rushed right out to see how she was doing and to be by her side.

After Mike made a quick call to our Veterinarian to get advice on what to do next (Dr. Fuxa at Highlands Bird and Pet Clinic), Mike rushed to get the car so that we could take her in to get looked at to see what our options were.  Ollie was such a good girl and in such shock after what happened.  She did so well, wrapped in a towel in my arms, on the ride in to see the Vet and during her visit with Dr. Fuxa.  Dr. Fuxa gave us the option to keep her overnight, give some stitches to areas where they were needed, give her pain medication to tough it through this nightmare and to figure out what our next steps for at home care would be.  We are still waiting to hear the news and when we are able to bring her home.

Please keep Ollie in your thoughts as we try to make it through her recovery.  She is truly a special bird and has had a special spot in my (and our) hearts since we got all of our chickens last year.


Sowing Seeds Indoors

With gardening season being just around the corner, last night we decided that it was time to get started on sowing some seeds indoors to later transplant into the BurkeyFarm garden after our last frost.  It felt really good to get our hands dirty and get a start to the season!

Photos taken on 3/9/2016.  We will keep you updated soon!